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Wood lamp light for skin diagnosis and analysis

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Wood lamp simplifies skin diagnosis for each treatment.

+ detailed user manual with meaning of luminescence colors.

Wood Lamp is special examination lamp which illuminate the skin and/or hair with different fluorescent colour in order to detect and analyse the changes and their meanings.

Based on the eponymous American physicist named, this lamp with ultraviolet light improves the early detection of directional pigment changes in neurocutaneous syndromes such as "White spots" or white spots in tuberous sclerosis complex.

This lamp is delivered with detailed user manual with meaning of luminescence colors.

The light emitted by a Wood's lamp long-wave UV-A light (340-450 nm, Max. 365 nm) is mainly used in the diagnosis of dermatoses associated with a typical fluorescence (tinea capitis, Erythrasma, tinea versicolor, Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections, porphyria and pigment changes).

Basic instrument for medical diagnostics skin, suitable for the detection of disease or the assessment of pigment changes in the skin. Wood light can be used for diagnostic differentiation of melanoma or melanocytic hyperplasia and hematoma. It allows the determination of skin thickness and the moisture condition of the skin as well as the detection of dry skin, vitiligo, solar keratoses, seborrhea, acne, mycoses, and a hyper-or hypopigmentation of the skin.

- Lightweight and very compact device
- Particularly robust design
- Low energy consumption
- Glare-free glass lens
- With diagnostic aid and cuff for examinations without external light source
- With instructions for use, bag and light bulb

IMPORTANT: Wood lamp is delivered with instructions for use (in ENGLISH language with color meanings)

This Wood Lamp complies with the following requirements:
1. RoHS Directive on the protection of the environment from July 2006
2. Conditions set out in the Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC
3. Conditions set out in the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive: 2004/108/EC