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DermoPro Peel-Off Mask Anti Aging Vitamin C

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Anti-Ageing - Restructuring -Antioxidant.

Cosmetic bowl and spatula included!
Benefits of Vitamin C on skin of the face:
- Anti-aging, restructuring, antioxidant.
- The elasticity of the skin increases.
- The skin is intensively hydrated.
- Wrinkles and lines of expression seem attenuated.
The skin becomes brighter and is revitalized.
Suitable for all types of skin.

Naturally without adding any preservatives.


  1. Anti-oxidant activity
    The acerola is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C (30 times more than the orange). As a strong antioxidant, acerola prevents the cells membranes destruction while neutralizing the free radicals responsible for the cells' ageing. Associated with natural vitamin C, it has a strong anti-time activity.
  2. Restructurating activity
    The acerola is also a reparating agent which encourages the synthesis of collagen fibers, facilitating the dermic tissue's regeneration. The skin's elasticity is regulated, the features of the face are refined.

Key active ingredients:
Acelora + Vitamin C.

Brand: DermoPro
Country of origine: Made in France
Presentation: 1 Sachet of 30 grams of powder.
Dosage: 30g of powder for 90g (90ml) of hot water (about 20 ° C).
Area of applications: For the face, neck and hands.