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VitiDerm® Gel

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Regulator Gel der Hautdepigmentierung, um den normalen Melaninspiegel in den Melanozyten zu erhöhen.

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Features and benefits:
Based on an innovative and more concentrated formula to increase normal levels of melanin in the melanocytes (the cells which produce melanin, giving the skin color).

Key active ingredients:

•Calcium Chloride
•Ginkgo Biloba Extract
•Concentrated melon
•Retinyl Acetate
•Lactic Acid
•Citric Acid

Sealed tube, 50 ml

Instructions for use:

On a clean and dry skin, apply morning and evening by performing a light massage on depigmented areas and their edges. After penetration of the gel, the application of ColorDerm camouflage and / or sunscreen or skincare is possible.Ideally VitiDerm gel is used in addition to VitiDerm capsules.
Brand: Professional use only / professioneller Einsatz / usage professionnel
Country of origine: DermoPro
Size: Made in Germany
Parabens: 50ml / 1.69 Fl. oz.
Product includes: Le gobelet gradué ainsi que les instructions et les précautions d’utilisation (sur l’étiquette ou dans l’emballage) sont incluses dans cet emballage.
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